Submissions Guidelines

Please note that The Centrifugal Eye is closed to new submissions.  We will not be reading from the submissions queue at this point onward, unless you have already submitted for the 10th-Anniversary journal issue.  TCE's editor-in-chief, and its volunteer staff members, will be taking a publishing hiatus from the journal from 2017 through 2019. 


Our 10th-Anniversary anthology is also due out in 2017. 

Please submit 3-4 unpublished poems in the body of an email. 

Address your submissions to Editor Eve Hanninen, at  Our email programs read html, so most formatting comes through as intended;  however, occasionally formatting gets skewed anyway.  This will be ironed out during the editing and proofing process if your poems are accepted for publication.


Please include your name in your cover letter.  The letter may be a simple sentence or two.  Also adding your last name to the subject line of your email helps us keep submissions organized.  You may include a bio-note at the time of submission or after acceptance.


Please be aware that our issues are themed, so poems that do not attempt to find a place within those themes will likely not be accepted for publication in TCE.


Please be patient while waiting for a staff response.  Our current response time has become very slow — 6 to 8 months, even — due to unavoidable events during 2014/2015.  You will hear back from one of us as soon as we have discussed and processed all poems being considered for their particular issue.  We do care about you and your writing.  

Current Theme Guidelines

Volume X, Issue II
Autumn/Winter, 2016

10th-Anniversary Issue
A Toast to 10 Years of Poetry

Open Reading: 9/15/15-1/31/16 - Extended deadline



Happy Anniversary!


On August 5th, 2015, The Centrifugal Eye reached its 10th-year marker!  To celebrate that grand feat, our next issue’s focus will commemorate this anniversary by remembering the effects our most beloved poets have on us.  We’ll sing the praises of any published poet, alive or dead, whom you admire, or even emulate, through the showcase of your own poetry.


Please send us 3-4 of your unpublished poems that are written either in the manner of, inspired by, and/or dedicated to your favorite published poets (a trail of previously published works allows our readers to research and study the writers you think so highly of).  We especially would like to receive poems written after the fashion (style, format, subject matter) of poets with recognizable voices.  Sharply crafted free verse and form poems equally welcome.


Please note the name of the poet who is associated with each poem you submit, labeling with one or more of these attributes:  “in the manner of,” “inspired by,” and/or “dedicated to.”



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